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SILVER WINNER 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards

Mazey Consulting & Coaching is a SILVER Award WINNER finalist for Professional Services for the 2021 AusMumpreneur AwardsThe awards are presented by The Women’s Business School to celebrate and recognise Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success. Thank you to all my clients!

Mazey Consulting & Coaching has been selected to provide expert mentoring to women-owned & led startups, as part of the #BoostingFemaleFounders initiative! Interested. Learn more about the BFF initiative. Click here.

This mentoring is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Boosting Female Founders Initiative.


Meet Mia Maze: AWARD WINNING Professional Services Coach and Consultant

I am thrilled you are here and here's why. 

This year I became a SILVER award WINNER in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards for Professional Services, following on from being featured on The Project on Channel 10,  and being a pillar in my community for women for business. I am seen regularly in local regional media and invited as a guest on podcasts for Women in Business but we may not have met yet. 

So why am I different. 

I have helped hundreds of women build businesses by juggling commitments, overcoming fear of failure, having insufficient support structures, limited business experience, and being less established in business and social networks through my business branded Mazey (that's what her friends call her and I am pretty sure we can be friends too).

I was recently in the following situation:

  • No clients
  • Time poor and working in the business rather than on the business
  • Company and social networks that were unsupported and unestablished

Before I took one crucial step and believed in myself. I invested in my personal development, I networked like crazy and invested in thousands of dollars of education, forcing me to pivot my company, start a successful new one, gain confidence and clarity about the importance of business, overcome my fear, and that the 20+ years of sales, marketing, and owning my own business is not only important to other women in business, that it could help other women in business. 

So I set about being there for women in business and today I am trusted by government, local and private organisation to help them  discover some of their deepest talents through:

  • One on one Female Founder Mentoring
  • Co-Founder Mentoring
  • Hosting on line events for women in business
  • Corporate consulting 
  • Community development

Many still know me as the ïnnovation girl" a title I proudly earnt when I was  manager of the Bega Valley Innovation where I helped over 150 businesses with the UOW iAccelerate program and lead a circular ecosystem of innovation for the Bega Valley which led to a 2nd round of funding for the region. 

BUT that wasn't enough me I wanted to be a mentor for women so  I completed the ICF Results Coaching Certification with the leading training company in Australia helping people do what they love, Authentic Education - BRW award winner. 

I connected with Singularity University Australia and they championed me to join their Foundations of Exponential Thinking and opened my mind to maximizing my potential. 

I joined She's the Boss and One Roof and networked, digitally co-worked and I showed up every day for my clients. I did what I help others do I connected with women in business who are extraordinary. 

This led me to:

  • Consult to Government
  • Consult to local councils 
  • Win Government tenders
  • Mentor for Government Initiatives for women
  • Grow a community of women in business on the South Coast
  • Win awards

My awareness, outcomes programs, business and mindset mentoring, public speaking, and live events have a direct impact on Australian female-led companies and I have a special passion for regional women in business as I am one now. I am the Eden (South Coast NSW, Sapphire Coast, global thinker). 

Mia Maze is a hybrid of a business strategist, modern-day business growth specialist, and self-development mentor and consultant. I am passionate about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and I believe that all women should be at the table as the expert that they already are (and if you don't what you are an expert in, you will if we work together)

If you dream big, want to grow your business, and transform the impossible into the possible—fast then we should have a virtual coffee (discovery session). 

Are you one of the 87% of women across the world who have been adversely affected by Covid?

In spite of the challenges of the Covid 19 crisis you are one of the women who has risen to the moment. 

But you feel you are losing ground at every step.

Are you even more burned out than you were last year? Do you feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed?

Let's navigate your work–life challenges, ensure that your workload is manageable, and check in on your overall well-being

Book a 30 min virtual discovery session with me and I will be your ally.  

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  • Mia Maze is a highly skilled, generous, warm, and truly empathetic business coach with a huge range of resources to offer her clients. Since Mia came on the scene, the marketing side of my business has blossomed and is now producing fruit. Mia’s coaching has extended to assisting me on a personal level with confidence issues and presentation skills. 

    As a result of Mia’s input, my business is now on track to be a successful trader in the Bega Valley and beyond. More importantly, I am feeling strong and clear about what I am offering. I now know how to engage with clients so that they want to purchase my services.

    Thank you Mia, you are a change-maker and I am very grateful to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime.

  • Mia Maze has been instrumental in our businesses success. She genuinely listens and cares deeply for local business and industries. Mia has mentored us and connected us to business mentors, to help us navigate a solid practical business plan, identify our weaknesses, recognise and solve our business problems. She has helped us to nail our problems before we scale our business. Without Mia’s amazing capacity to be able to listen, understand and problem solve on the spot, we believe our business would not have mentally nor financially recovered from the recent bushfires and Covid-19. We are forever grateful to Mia.

  • Mia can do anything! Seriously, she makes things happen! Her passion is business and helping local businesses succeed. She genuinely cares and goes above and beyond to connect the right people and achieve great things! Mia has a strong business background and an extensive network due to her bubbly and enthusiastic personality. Mia has helped my business grow. Coordinating the delivery of excellent courses, Mia has offered great advice and connections which have opened up new opportunities. Managing the BVIH, Mia is the glue that brings local businesses together to encourage and support each other.

  • I met Mia on the iAccelerate Entrepreneurs’ Program at Bega Valley Innovation Hub. The program helped build critical business knowledge, but it was Mia who went above and beyond to support us. She tailored the course to meet our needs, and arranged mentoring and practical activities. Thanks to Mia I have been introduced to new ideas and opportunities, and connected with other business owners and potential clients. She is fantastic at connecting people and businesses. Mia ensured business owners stayed in touch post-course, giving us a support base during the bushfires and COVID. I’m forever grateful.

  • Mia deservedly became the  Manager of the Bega Valley Innovation Hub, this is where I got to see Mia in full swing. Mia is a powerhouse of organisational and in particular pro-business skills. Mia has guided 13 businesses through an entrepreneurship program. Mia ensured all business owners were well informed/up to date and that the program delivered excellence. Most of all Mia was available to us emotionally, mentally and physically. A true leader shows courage and compassion and this is Mia.