Coaching & Mentoring

Access to support networks is what women in business need.

Mia Maze has researched market outcomes and empowerment for over 20 years in her quest to help women like you find the support networks that they most want.

In addition, she has committed to a PHD with Authentic Education (the only coaching company in Australia that is 2 x BRW Award Winner) for the next 3 years to ensure she stays up to date with the fastest way to grow your business. 

Living and breathing supporting women in business, it has become her hobby, her passion, her purpose. 

Partnering with hundreds of business women to help them become prosperous in their businesses and enjoy the life they want.

Mia successfully combines distribution, marketing, and business growth strategies with customers, government programmes, and projects, and she is now sharing her expertise with women entrepreneurs in the Bega Valley and beyond.

 The good news is that you now have access to this information and support system. 

 If you recognise that there is a system to success, you will be able to achieve incredible results in your company and in your life.

My goal is to assist you in building a successful company and life doing what you enjoy.

I have 3 x 1 to 1 packages for you to choose from.
There is 1 for everyone.

The Personal Package

The Personal Package - Delivered via Zoom

1 x 20 min Discovery / Planning Session

1 x 60 minute session 

1 x 30 minute check in

The Premium Package

The Premium Package - Delivered via Zoom

1 x 20 minute Discovery/ Planning Session

3 x 60 minute sessions 


3 x 15 min Zoom check ins

Basic email support

Basic phone support

Basic SMS support

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package - Delivered via Zoom

1 x 20 minute Discovery / Planning Session 

5 x 60 minute sessions 


5 x 15 minute Zoom check ins

Unlimited email support

Unlimited phone support

Unlimited SMS support

The 8 week RAPID Business Makeover Program

The 8 week Business Makeover - One to One

The Business Makeover - Delivered via Zoom

8 week program - COMING SOON

The 2 day Stay at Home RAPID Change Your Game Retreat

The 2 day Stay at Home RAPID Change Your Game Retreat

The The 2 day Stay at Home RAPID Change Your Game Retreat - Delivered via Zoom

2 days in your choice of venue



  • Mia Maze has been instrumental in our businesses success. She genuinely listens and cares deeply for local business and industries. Mia has mentored us and connected us to business mentors, to help us navigate a solid practical business plan, identify our weaknesses, recognise and solve our business problems. She has helped us to nail our problems before we scale our business. Without Mia’s amazing capacity to be able to listen, understand and problem solve on the spot, we believe our business would not have mentally nor financially recovered from the recent bushfires and Covid-19. We are forever grateful to Mia.

  • Mia can do anything! Seriously, she makes things happen! Her passion is business and helping local businesses succeed. She genuinely cares and goes above and beyond to connect the right people and achieve great things! Mia has a strong business background and an extensive network due to her bubbly and enthusiastic personality. Mia has helped my business grow. Coordinating the delivery of excellent courses, Mia has offered great advice and connections which have opened up new opportunities. Managing the BVIH, Mia is the glue that brings local businesses together to encourage and support each other.

  • I met Mia on the iAccelerate Entrepreneurs’ Program at Bega Valley Innovation Hub. The program helped build critical business knowledge, but it was Mia who went above and beyond to support us. She tailored the course to meet our needs, and arranged mentoring and practical activities. Thanks to Mia I have been introduced to new ideas and opportunities, and connected with other business owners and potential clients. She is fantastic at connecting people and businesses. Mia ensured business owners stayed in touch post-course, giving us a support base during the bushfires and COVID. I’m forever grateful.

  • Mia deservedly became the  Manager of the Bega Valley Innovation Hub, this is where I got to see Mia in full swing. Mia is a powerhouse of organisational and in particular pro-business skills. Mia has guided 13 businesses through an entrepreneurship program. Mia ensured all business owners were well informed/up to date and that the program delivered excellence. Most of all Mia was available to us emotionally, mentally and physically. A true leader shows courage and compassion and this is Mia.